Astragalus – Controlling histamines

A reader on CFSRemission Facebook site stated that astragalus helped her greatly with histamine issues.

“It works for me like a bucket.
while i am taking it, my symptoms are markedly less.
once i stop, symptoms start appearing.
once that happens, it takes about 10 days of astragalus to start reducing the symptoms again.”

In this post I am going to summarize what we know about this herb from PubMed. Each section below is done by search term

Astragalus Histamine or Allergy

Astragalus Antibiotic

Bottom Line

There is considerable literature supporting the role of Astragalus in reducing/moderating histamines. It does not appear to have significant antibiotic impact nor microbiome impact. It does have positive effects on the brain / cognitive functions.

If have histamines issues, I would suggest that you give it a try