Ouch – Black Living Water, the con is on!

A reader ask me about this, and I went to their site and needed an air sickness bag looking at the prices as well as advertising contents. $15 for less than a quart of water with a dash of whatever.



Some translations:

So bottom line,   someone took some clay with humus and mixed it with water!

Probiotic Contents

The site states 12.5 Billion CFU, consisting of:

Not a single strain identified — and all of them are expected to be found in compost that contains hay.

Bottom Line

Find a suitable clay deposit and a compost pile from an organic farm, package it and sell it with a detail analysis of the content. You have over 70 trace minerals!!!  Likely a hundred strains of bacteria and a half dozen families.

Wrap it up with enough pretty word smithing and images and you will make a fortune selling a bottle of water with a little soil mixed in for $15/quart!

Or, go for a hike in a national forest, do not wash your hands and eat lunch — you will likely have the same health impact!!