A CFS patients Stool Test

A reader forwarder to me their results from DOCTOR’S DATA STOOL TEST, and this is my comment  on things to consider (and, of course, consult with your knowledgeable medical professional before taking any action). Tests change every few years and I like to see the latest report. They have been active on herbs and probiotic for a year, with just minor improvement.

As expected:


E.Coli is better than is typically seen, I suspect Mutaflor or Symbioflor-2 supplementation. Symbioflor-2 is my first choice for two reasons:

  • Studies found that it does take up residency
  • Can be ordered for shipment to the US via Amazon.de (i.e. availability)

Mutaflor would be a secondary choice (much harder to order from the US)


The NG for Enterococcus spp, suggests that a enterococcus probiotic should be used (the more species, the better).

The E.Coli-Enterococcus Marriage

A reader on my enterococcus probiotics post commented:

“E.coli and enterococcus appear to have a symbiotic relationship too! This makes sense.”

So, as is my habit, I decided to determine if this is true, false, or unknown.

The chart below showed that they appear to support each other [2008] and thus may be, and should be, taken together for best effect.


  • E. coli was correlated with enterococci in southern Lake Michigan beaches[2003]
  • “This study demonstrated that there was a synergistic effect on virulence when an association of enterococci and E. coli”[2008]

Don’t forget me! Biofilm breakers

You may wish to take the above with herbs and supplements that isted in my biofilm breaker post and the post on biofilm breaker probiotics. Why is this important? It expose the residue infections to the two probiotics so they can be dislodged.

 Bacteria in Imbalance


These are bacteria with larger than normal volumes. They have no explicit issue linked to them, however they could help to support bad bacteria, or needed to sustain them.

For example, gamma hemolytic strep is associated with “pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with streptococcus (PANDAS).” [2015], which hints at it being involved with neurological symptoms of CFS.

The rest of his lab reports were marked normal on the report. You may wish to look at another readers report from 2014 here which contains further suggestions.

  • A mushroom extract that may help, see this post.
  • Tulsi may also help, see this post
  • Zingerone (related to ginger but not in raw ginger) “The results of the present study revealed the anti-quorum sensing activity of zingerone targeting ligand-receptor interaction, hence proposing zingerone as a suitable anti-virulent drug candidate against P. aeruginosa infections” [2015]
  • P. Aeruginosa is associated with IBS, this post, as well as higher histamine levels, in this post.

Bottom Line

First try E.Coli+ enterococcus probiotics + biofilm breakers, then rotate to Tulsi and Zingerone (only product that I could locate is this one on Amazon).