Who are the most active CFS Researchers?

I pulled some 7200 studies from PubMed and did a count on who has published the most studies. It can often be helpful to read an author series of studies.

Click on their name below to see their studies

Volume of Studies Author Rough Area
133 Gijs Bleijenberg Q-Fever
131 S Wessely (bio)psychosocial model
116 Leonard A Jason CFS Subtypes
111 B H Natelson Sleep disorders
109 Trudie Chalder Rehabilitation
79 Dedra Buchwald Twins
76 Peter D White PACE
70 Jo Nijs Characteristics
67 Michael Maes Oxidative
62 William C Reeves Coping Styles
61 A L Komaroff HHV-6
45 Mira Meeus Pain
39 Hans Knoop Cognitive Therapy
39 S E Straus abnormalities
38 James F Jones abnormalities
36 Suzanne D Vernon methylation microbiome
35 M Sharpe PACE
34 Abigail A Brown Symptoms
34 R Baschetti Addison Disease
33 Elizabeth R Unger DNA
32 Boudewijn Van Houdenhove Trauma and CFS
31 Kenny De Meirleir DNA
30 Yasuyoshi Watanabe Markers
29 Vegard Bruun Wyller MRI DNA
29 Julia L Newton Characteristics