Who are the most active Irritable Bowel Syndrome Researchers?

Feedback from readers has prompted me to look at co-morbid conditions with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Today, It is IBS.

Count Name
254 Talley, Nicholas J
196 Camilleri, Michael
142 Whorwell, Peter J
134 Drossman, Douglas A
120 Chang, Lin
120 Zinsmeister, Alan R.
102 Simrén, Magnus
101 Quigley, Eamonn M
94 Whitehead, William E
89 Mayer, Emeran A
86 Chey, W.D.
72 Ford, Alexander C
72 Mayer, E A
72 Tack, Jan
67 Chey, William D
67 Pimentel, Mark
62 Fukudo, Shin
47 Barbara, Giovanni
41 Naliboff, Bruce D