uBiome results #1 Diversity and Overview

There is a delicate balance between abundant information and useful information. To me, useful information is something you can take action on. If you are low or high for some bacteria group, then there is something that can be done to correct it. uBiome results provide too much information for most people to digest (including most MDs).

This is the first of a series of posts — each one will take a look at a different level of their reports. There are five levels as shown below:


For those not familiar with biology. Phylum is the highest classification — think of fish, animals, reptiles, insects. Class is the next level down: Animal-omnivores, Animals-carnivorous, etc… and each level breaks into more and more groups.

 uBiome Laboratory Facilities

For a history of this 4 year old company, read this article. It’s clinical laboratory is accredited by its  College of American Pathologists (CAP) [source]. They upgrade their equipment often which does result in different lists of organism from tests done a few months apart. This is a side effect of being cutting-edge.

At the highest level, they give two general measures:


And Diversity percentile. This indicates where in a 100 people you rank. at 100% — you have more than anyone else. At 0% – you have less than anyone else.


So what are the results from our readers who share their results?


4/12/2014 10/1/2013 9/13/2015 6/23/2016 1/16/2015 3/26/2015 29/04/2016 9/25/2016 10/27/2015 4/16/2014 9/29/2015 10/23/2015 12/4/2015 3/29/2016
B C1 C2 C3 D2 D1 E F G H J1 J2 J3 K
Wellness Match 97.5 66.7 85.00% 66.7 97.8 93 83.3 96.9 97.7 98.5 67.2 97.3 79.6 98.7
Diversity Percentile 71% 89% 88% 63% 7% 51% 12% 97% 46% 46% 2% 26% 23% 68%
Simpson 7.98 8.41 8.38 7.82 6.03 7.6 8.8 7.52 7.5 4.86 7.09 6.97 7.92
  • We have over 50% appearing to be well (90 or better) by the definition used.
  • We have 50% in the middle 50% of diversity samples (25%-75%).

Bottom Line

Do not expect to have a uBiome result saying clearly that you are sick. We will see some distinct patterns as we dive down into details (and in some cases, also a lot of noise)

If you have done a uBiome on your gut, and willing to grant me access for a few days – send your login and password to me at Ken [at] Lassesen.com