Microbiome Test in Europe: KyberKompakt Pro

A reader forward the results of their test from KyberKompakt Pro. This is done by a German firm MVZ Institute for Micro Ecology GmbH and the testing appear to be available across Europe (the reader was not in Germany, with the test results in their language).

IMHO, this test shows the best collection of information for any tests that I have seen for CFS patients. I am working on a series of posts on uBiome.com tests (thanks to a lot of readers willing to share their results) which should start appearing later this week. This test gives better CFS specific information than uBiome.

If you are in Europe, this would be my first choice of microbiome tests.

Very low E.Coli, Bifidobacterium etc

The results follow the usual pattern reported since 1998 for CFS patients.


  • H2O2-Lactobacillus are Hydrogen Peroxide producing Lactobacillus (I will explore those in a future post). Hydrogen peroxide eliminates some pathological bacteria.
  • E.Coli Biovare is a new species for me and I could not find anything on pubmed.
  • Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (Reported low for some CFS patients [2016])
  • Akkernansia muciniphia is new bacteria
    • A. muciniphila is a member of the Verrucomicrobia phylum and was isolated in 2004 in a quest to identify new mucus-degrading bacteria from human feces… provide colonization resistance to pathogenic bacteria that have to cross the mucus layer to reach the intestinal cells (Figure 4). It is likely that during infection or inflammation the mucus layer gets damaged and the growth of Akkermansia spp. is automatically inhibited, causing an inhibition of microbes that coexist with Akkermansia spp.” [2012]

The report also produces a nice graphic summary.


For this patient, my suggestions to be discussed with their health professional are pretty much standard:

  • Escherichia Coli probiotics with Enterococcus probiotics (i.e. Symbioflor-2 or Mutaflor, with Symbioflor-1)
  • Bifidobacterium – As many species as possible.

Lactobacillus — hold off taking any until I can research which ones are Hydrogen Peroxide producing. Prescript Assist and Equilibrium are also likely beneficial.