Results from taking probiotics Symbioflor-1 and -2


One of the people”S”, who shared their ubiome information, forwarded more information about before the sample, and experience after the sample.

“3 weeks before and up to the day I took a sample and sent to uBiome I
did change my eating habits to like they were before I started my GAPS
/ low carb / fiber diet.

For those 3 weeks I ate more or less similar to the food habits before
I got sick.  I wanted my sample to be closer to a my typical “sick

I intend to do more uBiome samples soon and also after I have gone
through your pulsing program.”

“Abt. 7 years ago I managed to fast for a whole month after I got sick
from ME.  I just drank water, herb teas and fresh juices from
vegetables and fruits.  It was hell but I was determined to do it to
get rid of toxins in my body.  With my poor understanding at the time,
I did this in order to heal myself.  I did NOT CHEAT AT ALL for a
whole month – I did not eat any solid food.    A friend pointed it out
that he had seen research somewhere that fasting has been researched
in mice and it destroys the microflora. I think this was extremely bad
thing to do now.  And this evening I´ve been speculating this might
have killed off some species in my gut.”


Response to Probiotics

“Symbioflor2 treatment round justifies on it´s own all the research I
have putten into your work the last months  🙂  In 10 days I worked
up to 5 times recommended dose without difficulties but it always had
an added Herx every time I highered the dose). In those 10 days I
finished a whole small bottle of the probiotic.  I used Symbiflor1 /
enterococcus faecalis with it.  1 drop Symbiflor-1 for every 2 drops
Symbiflor-2.  Half a bottle then for those 10 days. I use raw cacao
(CocoCardio Madre Labs brand – has Beetroot powder in it for Nitric
Oxide),  Resistant Starch (Bobs Red Mill brand) and Apple pectin (Now
brand) with it along with, from time to time,  hazelnuts, figs (last
two for fucose) some Brussels sprouts, Baking soda and D-ribose.
Eating low Carb + rye bread.

Results from all above:  More wet eyes,  lessened anxiety and worries,
less brainfog,  Increased positive mental processes, more clarity and
lovely presence of things in the world around me, a litle bit of lucid
dreaming. more imagination, interest in my studies, and more abilty to
emotionally connect with people. Constructive thoughts can make me
happy and are not as dissociated phenomena as before.  Mobility issues
are gone ( I go to the toilet often twice a day ) and pain in
ascending colon because of stifled feces is non-existent (I look
forward to have it  imaged again to see if its verified).  More
energy for walks and computer work.  Better spiritually aware.

I have now seen your change of emphasis according to uBiome results of
patients experiencing little overgrowth. There are sooo many posts :-)”


My focus is on the model, not treating specific people. The model is tested by reports of X making a major difference (for example Tamiflu). If the model is correct, then X should also cause shifts in bacteria to counter the type of shifts seen in CFS. The model also gives the characteristics that you would want to correct the shift, which allows possible candidates to be identified. Whether they work well cannot be determined. They are just items with good odds.

The shifts are NOT all the same. There are a bunch of common characteristics: Low or No for Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteria, E.Coli. Others families may be very low OR very high. Those shifts likely result in specific symptoms — the matching is something that need some major research efforts and dollars.

I do not know how to precisely fix any particular shift. No one does. It is a matter of trial and error — ideally with “loaded dice” (more likely to have good results than bad).

Comment from a reader on another post on day after this was posted:

“Hi, I just started taking Symbioflor-2 for my CFS and it has done wonders for my energy levels. The only problem is that I have really bad insomnia now with mild Restless Leg Syndrome. I have tried taking sleeping pills but they don’t work and make me get RLS really bad. I don’t want to stop taking Symbioflor-2 because prior to taking it, I was basically bed ridden. Any ideas on what I could do? I read your post on iron deficiency and it would make sense that the Symbioflor is causing an iron deficiency thus causing me to have RLS and insomnia. I will pick up some iron supplements but I’m not sure this will be enough. Any advice would be great. Thanks.”