Probiotic Enemas

Another reader have had good results from Symbioflor-1 with Symbioflor-2, but not taken in the usual way. A reader messaged me with an approach that he found on another site and the results.


Ken Ive found this web site (  uses symbioflor 2 as enema, its a homeopathic therapy
maybe people not tolerating it by drinking could tolerate it in this way at much higher doses (the really useful)
Rectal Applications (only when prescribed) Mix about 2 tablespoons of cool water with about half a tablespoon of Symbioflor II in a clean glass, put this mixture in an enema syringe and administer it rectally. It is recommended that the enema should only be given after a stool has been passed. After it has been given the bowel movement should be held back for about 15 minutes if possible. The length of time for which Symbioflor II should be used depends on the individual and their response to treatment. In the context of microbiological therapy the treatment plan provides for the use of Pro-Symbioflor, Symbioflor I, Symbioflor II and Symbioflor Antigen in stages, in the average case (see literature of the Arbeitskreis fiir Mikrobiologische Therapie e.V. Postfach i58o, D6348 Herborn Dill)”
I think its key what symbioflor does….colon defensins up up!, kill  ourselves the infection without antibiotics


I’ve started with the symbioflor enemas today. I can tolerate much more amount of it without the burning feeling due to the chloride and magnesium in it;
I got sleepy when put it. I think a sign of it was making effect. I will keep you informed. probably i will up the dose.
  • Today put 70 drops in the syringe.
I am taking one capsule of neem with meals (hours separated from E.coli)…However, after some hours i got cold hands…maybe inmune reaction cause e.coli being killed neem?  ..
I saw your last report enE.Coli and Enterococcus taken together cause a bigger effect than E.Coli alone. (i.e. Symbioflor-2 and Symbioflor-1 taken together, or Mutaflor with Bioflorin)” what do you mean..that Symbioflor 1 helps to grow more effectively e.coli?


Ken, myreport:
It has been 5 days with symbioflor 2 enemas.
So far so good
  • Bloarting decreasing
  • Perfect stools, dark coloures
Ive been taking 80 drops in enema
However one side effect. I freezeing with cold hands soon after. Maybe cause the probioitic is getting down my blood pressure


hmmm..Started one week ago with symbioflor 2 enemas, same benefits and no counter indications (low blood temperature when increasing doses and anxiety at mega doses (80-100 groups at one shot). But don’t know if its due to poor methylation (im digging into this thx to … 😊 ), the effect of too much serotonin due to high intake of e.coli…die off and not handling it well..
i have not been retest but , in terms of gut symptoms, I’ve been the best in 10 years since i got sick…Im right now with 4 mutaflor before sleep (only gives me the best effect at this hour)..and the symbioflor 2 enemas…
also i am able to deal with H2S , hydrogen sulfide, if taking enteric coated alkaline the first thing in meals…No signals of burping H2S (even when eating carbs)

 The liquid nature of these probiotics simplifies their use in enemas. The German site listed is for a professional group of MDs in Germany and Austria that have been active since 1953. This site contains a list of probiotics available in those countries that the group uses .
Some of those listed on this site, like Symbioflor-1, Symbioflor2,  Symbiolact B (Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium animalis subsp lactis) is available from Paul’sMart- Europe. P.S. We have ordered from them for delivery to the US with no problems (with US Customs — so far).