Increasing Sutterella Wadsworthensis

Another low bacteria is sutterella wadsworthensis reported by Ian Lapkin et al 2017 paper [Index to all posts on Study]. Identified in 1996.

  • (Lactobacillus acidophilus NT and Bifidobacterium longum NT) and type strains (L. acidophilus JCM1132(T) and B. longum JCM1217(T) ) …inhibit the growth of Sutterella wadsworthensis.” [2015]
  • Doripenem, a synthetic 1-beta-methyl carbapenem, has a broad-spectrum of activity against almost all species of anaerobic bacteria, including all Bacteroides fragilis group species,..(with the exception of Sutterella wadsworthensis). [2009]
  • “No metronidazole resistance was seen in gram-negative anaerobes other than S. wadsworthensis (18% resistant);” [2002] [1999]
  • ” Over 95% of S. wadsworthensis are susceptible to amoxicillin“[2004]

This is a patent for using S. wadsworthensis to treat Rheumatoid arthritis as a probiotic. [Patent filed 2014]

Bottom Line

We may have a probiotic available (at least in China) that may increase this bacteria in the near future.