Lactipro — having a cow looking for remission….

I reader asked me about Lactipro. This is an unusual probiotic for cattle, hence the title! Because it has not been tested on humans, I cannot advocate its use. I can research it potential impact if it is approved for human use somewhere in the world at some future time. I know of CFS patients who have order doxycycline from Vet Supply stores online because of frustration trying to get it prescribed, so I suspect some ‘dark-cure web‘ types will try it. So for their sake, I am doing this review.

 Megasphaera elsdenii

From the manufacture web site, we read

Effect of antimicrobials on Megasphaera elsdenii

Read about the effect of common antimicrobial agents on the growth and metabolism of Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125, a lactate utilising probiotic for ruminants.

Ability of Megasphaera elsdenii to prevent lactic acid buildup

Capability of Megasphaera elsdenii strain NCIMB 41125 and other probiotics to prevent accumulation of lactic acid in a rumen model.”

Since d-lactic acidosis is strongly associated with CFS, a probiotic that reduces lactic acid is ideal with my model.

The Science

From wikipedia we see that it is a Firmicutes, and CFS microbiome usually are high in firmicutes which means some caution and this may be a choice of the lesser of two evils.

There are some 240+ PubMed citations (most dealing with cattle)

Bottom Line

Don’t try it!  It is only found in humans suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. With my model CFS is a gastrointestinal disorder that may not manifest itself with gastrointestinal symptoms.

Further more, it pushes you further in the wrong direction.