Theoretical Supplements for CFS etc

With CFS, SIBO etc we see no or low Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteria, E. Coli. This means we have diminished production of their end products. The absence of these end products can cause a variety of symptoms.  Imagine a diet where all citric fruit was removed — you could get scurvy; or for Vitamin D sources, rickets; or Iodine, goiter.

Whether symptoms develop often is dependent on DNA/SNPs.

The table below comes from DataPunk.Net and shows the known end products.

Bifidobacterium Lactobacillus E. Coli

Known Supplementation

Bottom Line

It is interesting to note that various uptake inhibitors have positive effects.  This would be consistent with low levels — the alternative approach would be supplementation to replace the non-production by the missing bacteria.

Several items are toxic in larger amount — I suspect that these items are produced to control other bacteria types (likely the ones that are now overgrown).

What is available as supplements over the counter?

Note: The above shortages will likely have knock-on effects to other chemicals, but they are likely the underpinnings of most of the symptoms seen.

This is strictly informational and no supplementation should be started without first consulting with your knowledgeable medical professionals.