Review of GI Effects Comprehensive Profile from Genova Diagnostics

A reader forwarded me their results to look at. As usual, I will focus the bacteria. The rest of the report was within normal range.



We do not have a wide analysis of different bacteria genus to work from. This is expected because they do the analysis via culturing (which only works for a few genus).


Data punk reportes it is inhibited by



Enterobacter cloacae

Going over to DataPunk we see that it feeds on:


And is inhibited by



Bottom Line: What do you do with reasonable bifidobacterium?

We have no Lactobaccillus and no E. Coli in the report.

For E.Coli, the items are simple:

For Lactobacillus, my current ‘gut’ feeling is:

A reader sent me a study of persistence of lactobacillus for at least 11 days being seen with a fermented oatmeal soap (an PDF/Scan article from 1993 ) with 1-5% malted barley flour. I suspect the process may be similar to making your own yogurt.