Decreasing Slackia genus

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PubMed Data

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  • Disease:
    • “Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis affecting the face and eyes…reduced abundance of Methanobrevibacter (genus), Slackia (genus), ” [2017]
    • Slackia exigua,.. to be a novel case of this bacterium causing thrombosis and haemorrhage.” [2016]
    • “periodontitis Periodontal pathogens were more frequently detected at diseased sites: Gram-positive anaerobes such as Slackia exigua, ” [2016]
    • “Among them, the abundance of the genera Enterorhabdus, Howardella, and Slackia was higher in Pre- Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.” [2015]
  • Diet:
    • “Genistein reduced …Slackia equolifaciens,” [2017]
  • Prebiotics:
    • ” prebiotic xylooligosaccharide significantly decreased or reversed the increase in abundance of Howardella, Enterorhabdus, and Slackia” [2015]
  • Probiotics:
    • “a fermented dairy product (FDP) fortified with Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis… Increased lactose fermenting taxa included Slackia isoflavoniconvertens and Adlercreutzia equolifaciens; ” [2017]

Bottom Line


  • Bifidobacterium animalis  subsp. lactis


  • xylooligosaccharide prebiotic