Decreasing Planomicrobium genus

This is a rare bacteria occurring in only 1.5% of all uBiome samples. Any bacteria genus < 5% I view as a probable overgrowth that should be reduced as a secondary target. It is found in Korean traditional fermented seafood, Jeotgal [src].

For updated information see Microbiome Prescription

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There are 40+ studies on PubMed. Most studies deal with it in soil.

  • Growing conditions:
    • “The optimal medium was composed of soluble starch 0.73%,peptone 0.68%,yeast extract 0.15%,FePO40.01%in sea water with the initial pH value of 8.0.” [2014]
    • Chitosan appears to inhibit it. [2016]

Almost nothing found was applicable — not unexpected given it’s rarity.

Bottom Line


  • Jeotgal


  • Chitosan