A US Microbiome Test: GI-MAP

As the microbiome become a more main stream medical tool, there will be more and more providers. A reader forwarded me an example from Diagnostic Solutions – GI-MAP. This is the only test that their physician are willing to accept.

Their 2015  literature state “Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is pleased to offer you the GI Microbial Assay Plus (GI-MAP). The GI-MAP includes the first comprehensive pathogens assay that is FDA approved, the GPP assay by Luminex Corp. The pathogen targets include bacteria, parasites and another first for the market, viruses!”


Criteria: Look at the current list of deep dives of 69 bacteria genus(which comes from high values seen in uBiomes from CFS readers) and count the number of matches, just like I did in my last microbiome test review.

As with the prior report, we do get Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Escherichia species.


We have 3 of the overgrowth bacteria genus listed on this report. 3/69 or just 4%. Statistically, the reader may have major over growths of a dozen bacteria genus and the test will report no issues.

Redeeming Aspects

This test does report on common parasites and Fungi/Yeast issues


Bottom Line

The reader has a potential problem — their physician wishes to keep to familiar ground, and thus tests that they know what to do with the results.

The reader may wish to bring this paper to their physician to expand the physician perspective.