Another German Microbiome Test Review

As the microbiome become a more main stream medical tool, there will be more and more providers. A reader wrote:

“I have another question. Do you think this German test might be beneficial?

In contrast to KyberKompakt (that you recommend) they don’t test: Akkermansia muciniphilia, Faecalibacterium prausnitzii, H2O2 Lactobacillus. But it is cheap and easy to get as there is no doctor necessary to order it. 

Do you think that I will get enough information from it to start with probiotics? “

Analysis of Medivere Florastatus intestinal flora test

Medivere Florastatus intestinal flora test


Criteria: Look at the current list of deep dives of 69 bacteria genus(which comes from high values seen in uBiomes from CFS reders) and count the number of matches – we have just 4 or 6%.  It does has explicit reading for Escherichia coli, Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus — as such, it is good as a indicator of prs obable CFS/IBS/FM.

Bottom Line

The cost is about $60 US, uBiome is $89 for one time purchase ($72 for subscription). The slight reduced costs for significant reduction of information is not a wise decision.