If your focus is to increase some strains…

A reader wrote:

“I am low on butyrivibrio crossotus, akkermansia muciniphilia and methanobrevibacter smithii.  That is why I’ve gained 20 lbs in 6 months. I had an infected pacemaker taken out at Cleveland Dec 2016.  The symptoms started Feb 2017.  I was researching all three bacteria and ways to I crease them when I saw your feed.  ”

This is similar to a few other requests that I have had where the focus was on increasing X-Y-Z and not decreasing A-B-C/

In this post I will give a template of how to answer the above question. My focus is on reducing high genus for two reasons:

  • Easiest path for the CFS Brain-Fogged person to understand
  • IMHO, the most likely way to get a low level up is by eliminating what is killing them!

Use Data Punk to kick start things

Go to DataPunk.Net and see what bacteria inhibits them, feed them. In some cases, you may have to click up from species to strains to find information.

butyrivibrio crossotus 






akkermansia muciniphilia




Also see


methanobrevibacter smithii.


So we can assemble a list of things to exclude or include in your diet.

Exclude:  Flaxseed, Statins, Bile , Lauric acid, Myristic acid, High FODMAP diet, Omega-3


The bacteria genus that will suppress

If a farmer ask how too grow more corn and  complains that the yield seems low, it may be worthwhile to see if birds, rodents, etc are stealing the seeds. Below are the list of bacteria that are known to inhibit above. If you have overgrowth in any of these, you should attempt to reduce it!


butyrivibrio akkermansia methanobrevibacter
? ?

Bottom Line

For undergrowth of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteriums and E.Coli see this post:

To Treating Physicians – The Microbiome Approach to CFS/FM/IBS