List of common CFS Symptoms — What’s missing?

I am working on a website to automate uBiome analysis. Part of the process is to record symptoms at the time that the ubiome sample was taken. The purpose of this information is to try to identify certain symptoms with certain shifts in the microbiome.

I am working off the Canadian Definition with links to for explanations. The list is below.

Bottom Line

Please go thru the above and identify if all of your symptoms are there. If not what is missing.  Thanks!

Autonomic Manifestations

     nausea (More Information)
     bladder dysfunction (More Information)
     cardiac arrhythmias (More Information)
     Cortisol disorders or irregularity
     delayed postural hypotension (More Information)
     exertional dyspnea (More Information)
     extreme pallor (More Information)
     irritable bowel syndrome (More Information)
     light-headedness (More Information)
     Neurally mediated hypotension (NMH) (More Information)
     Orthostatic intolerance (More Information)
     palpitations (More Information)
     Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) (More Information)
     urinary frequency dysfunction (More Information)


     Cushing Syndrome
     Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMF)
     Fibromyalgia (More Information)
     Hypothyroidism (More Information)
     IBS (More Information)
     Mold Sensitivity / Exposure
     Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


     Bruxism – Jaw cleanching / Teeth grinding
     Dry Mouth
     Gingivits / Gum Disease
     Periradicular periodontitis inflammatory / chronic lesion around roots of teeth
     TMJ / Dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint syndrome


     Fatigue (More Information)
     Headaches (More Information)
     Myalgia (pain) (More Information)

Immune Manifestations

     Alcohol Intolerant
     chemical sensitivities. (More Information)
     general malaise (More Information)
     medication sensitivities.
     new food sensitivities (More Information)
     Abdominal Pain
     Genitorinary / Nocturia – Urinary issues
     Hair loss
     High Altitude Intolerance
     recurrent flu-like symptoms (More Information)
     recurrent sore throat (More Information)
     tender lymph nodes (More Information)
     Thick blood / Hypercoagulation


     Epstein-Barr virus (More Information)
     Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV6) (More Information)
     Lyme (More Information)
     Mycoplasma (More Information)
     Parasite – Other
     Parasites – Giardia (More Information)
     Parvovirus (More Information)
     Q Fever (Coxiella burnetii) (More Information)
     Varicella Zoster Virus

Neuroendocrine Manifestations

     abnormal appetite (More Information)
     cold extremities (More Information)
     intolerance of extremes of heat and cold (More Information)
     marked diurnal fluctuation (More Information)
     marked weight change (More Information)
     subnormal body temperature (More Information)
     sweating episodes (More Information)
     Air Hunger
     anorexia (More Information)
     Dry Eye
     Excessive adrenaline
     Laboured breathing
     loss of adaptability (More Information)
     Muscle weakness
     Neuralgia (More Information)
     Paraesthesia (tingling burning of skin) (More Information)
     recurrent feelings of feverishness (More Information)
     worsening of symptoms with stress. (More Information)

Neurological – Vision

     Blurred Vision
     inability to focus eye/vision (More Information)


     Impairment of concentration (More Information)
     Spatial instability and disorientation (More Information)
     Ataxia (lack of volunatary muscle control)
     Cognitive Overload
     Confusion (More Information)
     Difficulty processing information (Understanding) (More Information)
     Difficulty reading
     Disorientation (More Information)
     Dysautonomia (More Information)
     emotional overload (More Information)
     Excutive Decision Making (Difficulty making)
     fasciculations (More Information)
     High degree of Empathy before onset
     Joint hypermobility
     Myoclonic jerks or seizures
     Neuropathy (More Information)
     Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (More Information)
     Short-term memory issues (More Information)
     Slowed speech
     Slowed thought (More Information)
     Word-finding problems (More Information)


     hypersensitivity to noise (More Information)
     Tinnitus (ringing in ear) (More Information)


     Chaotic diurnal sleep rhythms (Irratic Sleep) (More Information)
     Inability for deep (delta) sleep
     Night Sweats
     Prolonged Sleep
     Sleep Apnea (More Information)
     Sleep Reversal
     Unrefreshed sleep (More Information)
     Vivid Dreams/Nightmares


     Acquired or exertional dyslexia
     Impaired Depth Perceptions
     photophobia (Light Sensitibity) (More Information)


     less than 02 years since onset
     less than 04 years since onset
     less than 08 years since onset
     less than 16 years since onset
     less than 32 years since onset
     over 31 years since onset

Post-exertional malaise

     inappropriate loss of physical and mental stamina, (More Information)
     General (More Information)
     Rapid cognitive fatigability, (More Information)
     Rapid muscular fatigability, (More Information)


The data collected will be available without any personal information (i.e. email, age, gender, etc) as an “R” data set for people interested in doing research.