Histamine Bacteria Report and other updates

I’ve done some bug fixes and added new features.

Major Bug

Symptoms were not being saved. I have created a page to enter symptoms at any time and to revise them. If you have already upload, please return to the site and add symptoms.

New Features

Histamine Report

This last week Alison Vickery’s Web Site posted on the bacteria associated with histamine. I suspect they may not match the microbiome of people with histamine issues, but regardless of that, I took her list and created a page that checks your microbiome results against her list.

The report is at  (remember to login and select your sample first). An example of the report:


You will find the report under the histamine tab


Login via Password been added

People misplace information, so if you enter your email, you can get a password sent to you to use instead of a sampleId.

  1. Go to the Logon With Password menu item above.
  2. Enter your email
  3. Click Send Password
  4. Copy the password from your email


Ability to share or annotate uBiomes

A physician wrote asking how multiple uBiome can be done on one email. I resolve that by improving the sample choice screen from which you can:

  • start exploring
  • enter your symptoms
  • enter a note or additional email that can access this specific ubiome


All of the Patient Email can be used to ask for passwords to be sent.

Bottom Line

The site is evolving, with bugs expected (usually these will be worked on over weekends).