Genova GI Effects Recommendations

Another reader forwarded a report that I have not created an entry form for. This is one that is likely common in many parts of the world, especially in the US. To access it, click Diagnostic Solution GI-Map.



Input Page

As before, entry matches the report. As with the other Genova input page we have five possible values:

    • ↓↓ – Red Low (left side)
    • ↓ – Yellow Low (left side)
    • ↑  – Yellow High (right side)
    • ↑↑  – Red High (right side)


The Report

For the report from the reader, it amounted to SIX Pages. It is important to understand these are general recommendation, based on the literature, and often need tuning — ideally with a knowledgeable medical profession.

See Making sense of Avoid and Take on Recommendations


This is an education post to facilitate discussing this approach with your medical professionals. It is not medical advice for the treatment of any condition. Always consult with your medical professional before doing any  changes of diet, supplements or activity. Some items cites may interfere with prescription medicines.