Making sense of Avoid and Take on Recommendations

First thing, the lists are not curated in a medical sense. They are unfiltered ranked items from published studies.

A 6-10 page list of recommendations cweightan occur from some reports. That is overwhelming, especially for the brain fogged. Ideally, a knowledgeable profession familiar with your medical history will go thru the list and pick items appropriate for you.

My common sense suggestions are the following:

  • Never take something that you are uncomfortable with
    • You don’t like antibiotics — don’t do them
    • You are a vegan — don’t do a high meat diet
    • Go down a printed copy of the list and put a black line through those items.
  • First step is to try reducing the number of items on the Avoid list that you can, items with the highest value weight are likely to have the greatest benefit.
  • Second step is to add in 3-6 items on the Take list, items that you are not now taking
    • Highest weight is likely to have the greatest benefit.
    • Items with both a positive and a negative weight are likely less important because they are more uncertain.

When would you expect to see changes? I suspect it will take a month often — and there may be no apparent symptom changes.  After 2-4 months, it is likely best to get another test to see what impact these changes of have on your microbiome.

For myself, licorice made as a significant improvement over a month – I detected it because I took careful notes daily and in retrospective saw the improvement via my notes.

Again the lists are not “YOU  MUST DO ALL OF THESE OR YOU WILL NOT GET BETTER”,  they  are lists of items (some easy to do or obtain, others not) — each of which should contribute a bit more to normalizing you microbiome.