Contributing medical citations

Medical studies are constantly coming out on the microbiome. One of the challenges is consolidating this information in a usable format to do microbiome recommendations. To this end, I have created an entry page. This post will take you thru how to use it and help all readers/users.

The page is at:

Step #1 Verify that the study is not already cited

Before filling in all of the information, just copy and paste the URI / web link in


The click [ Validate and Submit ] at the bottom. A series of checks will occur before it gets to the database.

Submitted Before

If we have the link in our database, you will not be able to double enter it.


Thank you for trying, and look for more studies that have not been entered.

Not Submitted Before


Now find the text with the information and paste it into the quote.

Then add in what is causing the change (for herbs and spices, latin names are preferred, but not required). For example:

Next, copy the name of the bacteria impacted into the increase/decrease boxes. In this case, we only knows what it inhibits


Trimming and Correcting Bacteria

The names of all of the bacteria are checked against known ones that are reported by uBiome.


If it is a strains (2 names usually), remove the 2nd part so it becomes a genus and try again. Possible known bacteria with similar spellings are shown (sometimes there are difference between spelling in UK and US papers).


If still no luck, remove them entirely — they are usually bacteria associated with explicit sickness like Salmonella.

Once you have passed all of the validation checks, you will get a Thank you


What’s next?

I would encourage people to find more studies for the same thing. In this case it was Rosa canina AKA Rose hip. and enter them. We want to develop as complete picture for each modifier that we can.