Microbiome site now reports on some Conditions

Some conditions are associated with shift of bacteria. This does not mean that if you have most of the shift, you will have the condition. DNA is a major factor in developing most conditions. In short: Bad Microbiome + Bad DNA ==> Health Problems.

The full list (without using your uBiome) is at this page.

Reports currently Available

More will be added, and the list of bacteria for each will be increased as studies are found containing more information.

This uses uBiome Results ONLY — you must login to use the reports.

Report example

The source for each item is included in the report. If you find additional articles listing the bacteria which is NOT in the current list, please send them to me so we can make the information better.


Clicking Recommendations…

Will take the differences for THIS condition and present a recommendation list (as before)


Bottom Line

This attempts to present the results of various papers in a format that a brain fog person with a uBiome can understand better. Linking every item to the source study is intended to assist your knowledgeable medical professional to evaluate the proposals.