Symptoms to Bacteria Explorer is released

One of the original intents of the mechanized analysis site at: was to try to identify which bacteria shifts are related to which symptoms. Over the last week I have been coding and testing a symptom explorer and it is ready for beta release.

It is found at:


When you open the page, you will see information about the data we have.


Below this are the significant bacteria seen for what is selected.


We may see patterns that are dominant. For example, of the samples, Actinomycetaceae is low in 16 of the 20 samples, and because it is reported in only 16, 4 had no measurable amount of this bacteria. The unanswered question is whether this is normal or a characteristic of this subset of the illness. I do not have an answer for that.

Drilling Down

Click on any of the symptoms and the page will be filtered by this symptom. For example

Results in the symptoms also seen with the selection being displayed


And below it, the bacteria associated.


For example, it seems that high overgrowth of Sutterellaceae is associated with this condition.

Bottom Line

This is a beta release which will allow people to explore. If you find something very significant, please add it as a comment on this post.

CAUTION: We really need at least 100 samples with symptoms to make progress that would be solid statistically. If you have contributed your uBiome but have not provided symptoms — please consider doing so.