Recommendations are Art and not definitive!

The recommendations are based on studies or trusted sources.  Studies do not always produce the same effect — diet, disease and a dozen other factors may change the conclusion for a study. To illustrate this, let us look at berberine, listed at this page:

Looking at the results we see some consistency across multiple studies:

We also see some slight disagreement:

And others which are a toss up…

The AI processing of the recommendations attempts to balance these factors (I hope to get the next generation coded this weekend). The recommendations are not guarantees of being effective, just items with better odds.

Items with multiple names

Different studies may describe what may be the same item in different ways. For example:


And for other cases — spelling difference



This can result in some odd recommendations, with one being on Avoid and one on Take. As the data gets better cleaned up, we should see less of these.

Bottom Line

“When in doubt, leave it out