Coming soon — support for all areas in uBiome

This weekend I hope to finish making changes so that throat, nose and other ubiome samples may also be investigated.

Symptoms will be linked to the email + sample date, so there is no need to re-enter symptoms. This would allow people to see the impact of changes in mouth health by changes in habits they implemented.

Recommendations will continue to be ONLY for gut — there are not enough studies to venture into other areas.  BUT, if you start chewing mastic gum (something that I have suggested before), you should see the impact on your throat and nose bacteria.

Also simplified recommendations are being worked on.

Many items appear under 3-6 different names in the literature. The citation used the term used in the study. The simplification will replace things like:

with just resveratrol (whatever the common name of a supplement is).

This will impact some recommendations because we will stop double counting or under counting some modifiers.