Microbiome Site Updates

There was been a bunch of changes over the last week (and this weekend).

  • ubiome kit 15% discount code:  BIOTICS15
  • On Apples, the Buttons do not show up well, so I have modified their presentations
  • Caught and fixed a few bugs in the Alternative Labs.
    • I tested each by setting Lactobacillus low only and compared recommendations. If you have the cycles, please re-test and report any issues.
  • Remember login information as cookies — this will making log on easier. Just return to the page and the information will be automatically filled in.

Statistics on what data we use is now shown

We have 1600+ known items that will modify the gut, and some 76000+ relationships on how it will be modified. A lot of the items added this week were from drugs. Work is starting on expanding non-drugs data.

If you are on a prescription drug, you may find it (and it’s impact) on the updated modifiers.


Data Summary

Bacteria family112

Data Store Count
Bacteria class 33
Bacteria genus 331
Bacteria kingdom 2
Bacteria no_rank 32
Bacteria order 62
Bacteria phylum 22
Bacteria root 1
Bacteria species 847
Bacteria species_group 9
Bacteria strain 3
Bacteria subclass 6
Bacteria subgenus 1
Bacteria subkingdom 1
Bacteria suborder 7
Bacteria subphylum 2
Bacteria superkingdom 3
Bacteria superphylum 3
Biome Samples 194
Metabolism/KEGG added to uBiome 43
Modifier-to-Bacteria relationships 76431
Modifiers of bacteria 1664
People who Uploaded 131
Symptoms added to uBiome 79

Improved Navigation


From the sample selection pages, we have made links to other pages clearer:


Similarly for condition profiles


Bottom Line

I hope this makes navigation easier.  I have started working with data scientists at the Allen Institute to improve the data we are using. My focus for the next few weeks will be to increase our knowledge of non-prescription ways of modifying the microbiome.

Needless to say, adding symptoms and copying the KEGG/metabolism data across to the site will both:

  • allow research to happen better
  • allow you to see objective progress over time (i.e. KEGG/ metabolism improved, autoimmune profiles improve).

This is an education post to facilitate discussing this approach with your medical professionals. It is not medical advice for the treatment of any medical condition. Always consult with your medical professional before doing any  changes of diet, supplements or activity. Some items cites may interfere with prescription medicines.