DayTwo Lab Recommendations are now available

DayTwo ( ) provides a microbiome test and nutritional recommendations ($349 covering some 92 taxonomy units verus $80 for hundreds with Their focus appears to be:

“DayTwo analyzes your microbiome to predict blood sugar responses to thousands of different foods. High blood sugar is linked to energy dips, excessive hunger, weight gain and increased risk of obesity and diabetes”

A reader forwarded me their report  and I have implemented a suggestions page for it at:

Selling nutritional suggestions off microbiome is a “hot area” for marketing. My concern is that the advice for more belief based recommendations instead of science based recommendations.

They score foods with A,B,C grades as shown below


For the reader, an example of food recommendations from their report:


MicrobiomePrescript Recommendations

This is a healthy active individual but with some significant shifts in some of the measures.

Item    Action    Confidence value
inulin prebiotics Take 2.17
pulse / legumes Take 1.664
resveratrol Take 1.525
gallic acid and tannins Take 1.248
arabinoxylan Take 1.109
antiseptics Avoid -1.386
no carbohydrate diet Avoid -1.664

The rice and pasta suggestions above matches with the avoid a no carbohydrate diet above.

Bottom Line

This company appear to attempt a menu service based on their microbiome results which seems to be targeted at healthy people