Adding Common Name to Drugs and anti-viral reflection

From medical literature I have added several hundred drugs and their likely impact on the microbiome. A common problem with CFS patients is that they are only aware of some trademark name and not the standard scientific name.

I have started (it’s a long process) adding the common or trademark names to various drugs — for example Antivirals:


Now becomes


This process will likely take a few weeks to complete.

Antivirals and CFS

I have posted about this in the past ,”Valganciclovir antiviral and CFS[2016]” and  “Valacyclovir, EBV and CFS [2016]”.

I decided to look at the microbiome shifts seen with the valacyclovir hydrochloride  antiviral,  And was quite surprise to see a high number of bacteria taxonomy are reduced — which may account for the success reported in the above post “All patients were treated subsequently with valacyclovir, with 93% having a positive response” [2014]. The other antiviral, Valcyte or Valganciclovir, is not in my sources.

So, the question must be asked — was it’s antiviral nature OR microbiome modification nature that causes the reported improvement?

Taxonomy Rank Effect
Bacteroidaceae family Decreases
Bifidobacteriaceae family Decreases
Clostridiaceae family Decreases
Coriobacteriaceae family Decreases
Desulfovibrionaceae family Decreases
Enterobacteriaceae family Decreases
Eubacteriaceae family Decreases
Fusobacteriaceae family Decreases
Lachnospiraceae family Decreases
Peptostreptococcaceae family Decreases
Porphyromonadaceae family Decreases
Prevotellaceae family Decreases
Ruminococcaceae family Decreases
Streptococcaceae family Decreases
Veillonellaceae family Decreases
Verrucomicrobiaceae family Decreases
Akkermansia genus Decreases
Bacteroides genus Decreases
Bifidobacterium genus Decreases
Bilophila genus Decreases
Blautia genus Decreases
Clostridium genus Decreases
Collinsella genus Decreases
Coprococcus genus Decreases
Dorea genus Decreases
Eggerthella genus Decreases
Escherichia genus Decreases
Eubacterium genus Decreases
Fusobacterium genus Decreases
Odoribacter genus Decreases
Parabacteroides genus Decreases
Peptoclostridium genus Decreases
Prevotella genus Decreases
Roseburia genus Decreases
Ruminococcus genus Decreases
Streptococcus genus Decreases
Veillonella genus Decreases
Akkermansia muciniphila species Decreases
Bacteroides caccae species Decreases
Bacteroides fragilis species Decreases
Bacteroides ovatus species Decreases
Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron species Decreases
Bacteroides uniformis species Decreases
Bacteroides vulgatus species Decreases
Bacteroides xylanisolvens species Decreases
Bifidobacterium adolescentis species Decreases
Bifidobacterium longum species Decreases
Bilophila wadsworthia species Decreases
Clostridium perfringens species Decreases
Collinsella aerofaciens species Decreases
Dorea formicigenerans species Decreases
Eggerthella lenta species Decreases
Escherichia coli species Decreases
Fusobacterium nucleatum species Decreases
Lactobacillus paracasei species Decreases
Odoribacter splanchnicus species Decreases
Parabacteroides distasonis species Decreases
Parabacteroides merdae species Decreases
Peptoclostridium difficile species Decreases
Roseburia hominis species Decreases
Roseburia intestinalis species Decreases
Streptococcus parasanguinis species Decreases
Streptococcus salivarius species Decreases
Veillonella parvula species Decreases
Lactobacillus casei group species_group Decreases