LifeVantage Probio – a review

A reader ask me to review this probiotic (using my usual pro forma approach).

First impression, this company sells many different products — so it is not specialized in probiotics. For many firms this means that they are private branding a product from a different manufacturer and charging a premium.

Downloading their product sheet, I see a problem:

WHAT — they do not know the difference between a strain and a species?!!??? And they do not state how much of each “strain” (cough cough)

For the non-technical, it is usually as easy as 1-2-3

The Scientific Basis for Probiotic Strains of Lactobacillus

Bottom Line

I would classify this as a random pick from your local grocery shop product. It lacks correct description and almost seems to be targeted to the naive.

Again — nothing known technically wrong with the product — just inaccurate and incomplete descriptions that denies an informed decision.