Stress Intolerance: the Medical Conditions

A reader asked for more details, so I thought that would do a short listing of some major ones — oh, almost all of these have known microbiome shifts associated with them. Personally, I have two of the items listed, Autism Spectrum and ME/CFS.

Source: US Government Job Accommodation Network looking at conditions with stress intolerance as being potential accommodations by employers

Lack of training in Business

Often the information (including from HR) is just a ” For this reason, employers may need to look for ways to reduce stress and/or remove stressors in the work environment. ” , often with no serious examples of what could be done.

Stress Org lists some of the main sources of stress:

American Psychological Association, American Institute of Stress
Research Date: 7.8.2014

I know that I work in an industry that is often deemed to be high stress, Information Technology — yet for most of my 4 decades, there have been actually little stress: I have had boss that respected my opinion, gave me the resources or time table that I asked for … and I just done what was asked of me.

Problems do occur in IT with people who are ‘full of themselves’, that is, they believe they can walk on water! (I usually wait for a cold winter north of 60 degrees before I walk thpath). My own issues have usually been with managers that believe that the way to get people to work hard is to keep them in a state of crisis and/or under pressure! Wilful stress. When confronted by HR request to produce a low stress environment — they are clueless and will blow off the request as “that’s the nature of this business”. It’s not. It is the nature of all businesses where people are promoted to managers may never have done a single sociology or psychology of business course.

For my first management role in business some 40 years ago, there was 3 months of courses over the first year to insure consistency of management practise. It is little wonder that the Harvard Business Review found that picking a person at random to be a manager perform as well as a carefully interviewed candidate!

One of my favorite bosses said: A good manager is someone that reduces (or hides) uncertainty and stress coming from above from those reporting to him.