Dealing with Dry Mouth

A reader left me a voice mail and sounded very frustrated trying to deal with dry mouth. Fortunately it is a symptom in our Eureka database. The apparent cause is excessively low amounts the following genus:

  • Faecalibacterium x 163
  • Dorea x 81
  • Roseburia x 72
  • Blautia x 29
  • Lachnospira x 9

And possible high amounts of:

  • Akkermansia x 4
  • Intestinimonas x 11

Since this is at the genus level, we do have an ability to look for suggestions for this combination explicitly by going to: Enter All Bacteria [Genus] Reported Report and enter the values. You could examine your own levels and modify what is entered there to better match.

L. Plantarum and Resistant Starch are borderline

With the following on the avoid/stop list

Avoid List

New Page is Up

The logic behind the web site is similar to the logic used for Will this supplement help my symptom? and will be be a new page under

Then click Symptom Summary

It will only list the genus and species level with a strong association. Just click the desired symptoms (some may have no result)

This will take you to the key elements. The higher the number, the more probable.

Note that getting suggestions is easy, just click transfer.

Remember this is an association. It may be the cause — or it may be a side effect of the symptom. We do not know.