Will this supplement help my symptom?

Often choice of supplements to try is based on hearsay. Hearsay can often be seeded by people with vested interests in selling a product. A seasoned medical professional may notice patterns and advocate on those — but those are often bias by placebo effects.

For people that have done 16s microbiome analysis, uploaded them and annotated them with symptoms — we can generate a list of supplements suggestions that matches both microbiome and symptoms — sweet. See this post for an example.

Today, in answering some correspondence, I realized that using the same Eureka data, we can provide hints on what a supplement is likely to help. Hints based solely on statistics. It has now been implemented on the site.

Click on Changing your Microbiome


Then the appropriate group, and then a specific item

You will see a new section (sometimes — if there is data). For an example, I looked at Holigos (available on Amazon), and we see up to 10 symptoms that it may impact.

Does it work? I went thru the full list of Eureka symptoms and found that its studies and the predicted impact were reasonable matches (for what they had studied).

Bottom Line

If someone suggests that you should try ‘snake oil’ for speaking in tongues, then look up ‘snake oil’ and see if there is some evidence that it could help. If not, consider saving your money.

Note: As more people contribute 16s microbiomes (ubiome is typical) AND annotated them with symptoms, the more accurate and detail that this will become!