Reminder of D-Lactic acidosis and ME/CFS

A reader email indicating that he believe that some of my suggestions also produced lactic acid. At present that is no option for filtering, but I am working on that. This appears to be a subset of ME/CFS patients. A 2015 Guest Blog post on Health Rising provided a summary of early studies. The latest study is below.

Examining clinical similarities between myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome and D-lactic acidosis: a systematic review. [2017]

This is associated with neurlogical issues (brain fog etc).

Sleep Consequences

Sleep issues in ME/CFS may be connected to excessive D-Lactic acid (A known characteristic of ME/CFS)

Results and conclusion: Administration of L-lactate does not influence sleep-wake cycle of experimental animals. At the same time, its artificial optical analog D-lactate induces the significant (as compared to the control) decrease in wake (34.8% to 26.5%) and increase in slow wave sleep (57.4% to 69.2%). It has been suggested that D-lactate may be the antagonist of one or several L-lactate receptors.

[D-lactate as a novel somnogenic factor?] [2020]

Root cause: Low Veillonella?

See this post: on what this bacteria does with lactic acid.

I have lactate acid producer estimates on the microbiomeprescription site for uploaded 16s samples (typically ubiome). My own numbers appear to follow the research. With onset it kept increasing, and with the last ubiome started to decrease.

I did not have significant neurological issues BUT these values are all low according to the uploaded samples. Which suggests that while the amount increased, it did not reach impairing levels for neurological issues

The list below are what is in the database as producing the two items above. If you know of additional items, please forward the information (with a link to the study of course!).

Acidiphilium (genus)
Acidiphilium cryptum (species)
Aerococcus (genus)
Aerococcus christensenii (species)
Aerococcus urinae (species)
Aerococcus urinaeequi (species)
Aerococcus vaginalis (species)
Aerococcus viridans (species)
Allobaculum (genus)
Allobaculum stercoricanis (species)
Anaerostipes (genus)
Anaerostipes butyraticus (species)
Anaerostipes caccae (species)
Anaerostipes hadrus (species)
Anaerostipes sp. 1y-2 (species)
Anaerostipes sp. 3_2_56FAA (species)
Anaerostipes sp. 494a (species)
Anaerostipes sp. 5_1_63FAA (species)
Anaerostipes sp. AIP 183.04 (species)
Anaerostipes sp. IE4 (species)
Atopobium (genus)
Atopobium parvulum (species)
Atopobium rimae (species)
Atopobium sp. BS2 (species)
Atopobium sp. DMCT15023 (species)
Atopobium sp. F0209 (species)
Atopobium sp. HHRM1715 (species)
Atopobium sp. ICM57 (species)
Atopobium sp. ICM58 (species)
Atopobium sp. MVA9 (species)
Atopobium sp. S3MV24 (species)
Atopobium sp. S3PFAA1-4 (species)
Atopobium sp. S4-A11a (species)
Atopobium vaginae (species)
Bacillus coagulans (species)
Bifidobacterium (genus)
Bifidobacterium actinocoloniiforme (species)
Bifidobacterium adolescentis (species)
Bifidobacterium angulatum (species)
Bifidobacterium animalis (species)
Bifidobacterium asteroides (species)
Bifidobacterium biavatii (species)
Bifidobacterium bifidum (species)
Bifidobacterium bohemicum (species)
Bifidobacterium bombi (species)
Bifidobacterium boum (species)
Bifidobacterium breve (species)
Bifidobacterium catenulatum (species)
Bifidobacterium choerinum (species)
Bifidobacterium commune (species)
Bifidobacterium dentium (species)
Bifidobacterium gallicum (species)
Bifidobacterium gallinarum (species)
Bifidobacterium indicum (species)
Bifidobacterium kashiwanohense (species)
Bifidobacterium longum (species)
Bifidobacterium magnum (species)
Bifidobacterium merycicum (species)
Bifidobacterium minimum (species)
Bifidobacterium mongoliense (species)
Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum (species)
Bifidobacterium pseudolongum (species)
Bifidobacterium pullorum (species)
Bifidobacterium ruminantium (species)
Bifidobacterium saeculare (species)
Bifidobacterium scardovii (species)
Bifidobacterium sp. (species)
Bifidobacterium sp. 120 (species)
Bifidobacterium sp. 138 (species)
Bifidobacterium sp. 65947 (species)
Bifidobacterium sp. MSX5B (species)
Bifidobacterium stercoris (species)
Bifidobacterium subtile (species)
Bifidobacterium thermacidophilum (species)
Bifidobacterium tsurumiense (species)
Cardiobacterium (genus)
Cardiobacterium hominis (species)
Cardiobacterium valvarum (species)
Carnobacterium (genus)
Carnobacterium divergens (species)
Carnobacterium maltaromaticum (species)
Catenibacterium (genus)
Catenibacterium mitsuokai (species)
Collinsella (genus)
Collinsella aerofaciens (species)
Collinsella intestinalis (species)
Collinsella sp. GD3 (species)
Collinsella stercoris (species)
Collinsella tanakaei (species)
Comamonas (genus)
Comamonas testosteroni (species)
Coprobacillus (genus)
Coprobacillus cateniformis (species)
Coprobacillus sp. D6 (species)
Desulfitobacterium (genus)
Desulfitobacterium aromaticivorans (species)
Desulfitobacterium metallireducens (species)
Desulfobacterium (genus)
Desulfobacterium autotrophicum (species)
Enterococcus (genus)
Enterococcus alcedinis (species)
Enterococcus asini (species)
Enterococcus avium (species)
Enterococcus canis (species)
Enterococcus casseliflavus (species)
Enterococcus cecorum (species)
Enterococcus columbae (species)
Enterococcus durans (species)
Enterococcus faecalis (species)
Enterococcus faecium (species)
Enterococcus gilvus (species)
Enterococcus haemoperoxidus (species)
Enterococcus hermanniensis (species)
Enterococcus hirae (species)
Enterococcus italicus (species)
Enterococcus malodoratus (species)
Enterococcus mundtii (species)
Enterococcus pallens (species)
Enterococcus raffinosus (species)
Enterococcus sp. C6I11 (species)
Enterococcus sp. SI-4 (species)
Enterococcus sulfureus (species)
Enterococcus ureasiticus (species)
Fusobacterium (genus)
Fusobacterium equinum (species)
Fusobacterium gonidiaformans (species)
Fusobacterium mortiferum (species)
Fusobacterium necrogenes (species)
Fusobacterium necrophorum (species)
Fusobacterium nucleatum (species)
Fusobacterium perfoetens (species)
Fusobacterium periodonticum (species)
Fusobacterium sp. ACB2 (species)
Fusobacterium sp. CM21 (species)
Fusobacterium sp. CM22 (species)
Fusobacterium sp. CM55 (species)
Fusobacterium sp. DJF_B100 (species)
Fusobacterium sp. OBRC1 (species)
Fusobacterium ulcerans (species)
Fusobacterium varium (species)
Gemella (genus)
Gemella asaccharolytica (species)
Gemella haemolysans (species)
Gemella morbillorum (species)
Gemella palaticanis (species)
Gemella sp. 933-88 (species)
Gemella sp. oral strain A31SC (species)
Haemophilus (genus)
Haemophilus aegyptius (species)
Haemophilus ducreyi (species)
Haemophilus haemoglobinophilus (species)
Haemophilus haemolyticus (species)
Haemophilus influenzae (species)
Haemophilus parahaemolyticus (species)
Haemophilus parainfluenzae (species)
Haemophilus pittmaniae (species)
Haemophilus sputorum (species)
Holdemania (genus)
Holdemania filiformis (species)
Lachnobacterium (genus)
Lachnobacterium bovis (species)
Lactobacillus (genus)
Lactobacillus acetotolerans (species)
Lactobacillus acidophilus (species)
Lactobacillus agilis (species)
Lactobacillus algidus (species)
Lactobacillus amylolyticus (species)
Lactobacillus animalis (species)
Lactobacillus antri (species)
Lactobacillus apis (species)
Lactobacillus bifermentans (species)
Lactobacillus brantae (species)
Lactobacillus brevis (species)
Lactobacillus casei (species)
Lactobacillus ceti (species)
Lactobacillus coleohominis (species)
Lactobacillus composti (species)
Lactobacillus coryniformis (species)
Lactobacillus crispatus (species)
Lactobacillus crustorum (species)
Lactobacillus curvatus (species)
Lactobacillus delbrueckii (species)
Lactobacillus fermentum (species)
Lactobacillus floricola (species)
Lactobacillus fornicalis (species)
Lactobacillus gasseri (species)
Lactobacillus harbinensis (species)
Lactobacillus hayakitensis (species)
Lactobacillus helveticus (species)
Lactobacillus iners (species)
Lactobacillus ingluviei (species)
Lactobacillus intestinalis (species)
Lactobacillus jensenii (species)
Lactobacillus johnsonii (species)
Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens (species)
Lactobacillus kefiri (species)
Lactobacillus kitasatonis (species)
Lactobacillus lindneri (species)
Lactobacillus malefermentans (species)
Lactobacillus mellifer (species)
Lactobacillus mellis (species)
Lactobacillus mucosae (species)
lactobacillus murinus (Species)
Lactobacillus namurensis (species)
Lactobacillus nodensis (species)
Lactobacillus oligofermentans (species)
Lactobacillus oris (species)
Lactobacillus oryzae (species)
Lactobacillus ozensis (species)
Lactobacillus paracasei (species)
Lactobacillus parafarraginis (species)
Lactobacillus paralimentarius (species)
Lactobacillus perolens (species)
Lactobacillus plantarum (species)
Lactobacillus psittaci (species)
Lactobacillus rapi (species)
Lactobacillus reuteri (species)
Lactobacillus rhamnosus (species)
Lactobacillus rodentium (species)
Lactobacillus rogosae (species)
Lactobacillus ruminis (species)
Lactobacillus saerimneri (species)
Lactobacillus sakei (species)
Lactobacillus salivarius (species)
Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis (species)
Lactobacillus saniviri (species)
Lactobacillus selangorensis (species)
Lactobacillus songhuajiangensis (species)
Lactobacillus sp. 66c (species)
Lactobacillus sp. 7_1_47FAA (species)
Lactobacillus sp. Akhmro1 (species)
Lactobacillus sp. BL302 (species)
Lactobacillus sp. C30An8 (species)
Lactobacillus sp. C4I18 (species)
Lactobacillus sp. CR-609S (species)
Lactobacillus sp. NRCT-KU 1 (species)
Lactobacillus sp. S16 (species)
Lactobacillus sp. TAB-22 (species)
Lactobacillus sp. TAB-26 (species)
Lactobacillus sp. TAB-30 (species)
Lactobacillus taiwanensis (species)
Lactobacillus ultunensis (species)
Lactobacillus vaccinostercus (species)
Lactobacillus vaginalis (species)
Lactobacillus vini (species)
Lactococcus (genus)
Lactococcus fujiensis (species)
Lactococcus garvieae (species)
Lactococcus lactis (species)
Lactococcus raffinolactis (species)
Lactococcus sp. D2 (species)
Lactococcus sp. MH5-2 (species)
Lactococcus sp. STM1 (species)
Lactococcus sp. STM31 (species)
Lactococcus sp. TP1MJ (species)
Lactococcus sp. TP2MJ (species)
Leptotrichia (genus)
Leptotrichia genomosp. C1 (species)
Leptotrichia goodfellowii (species)
Leptotrichia hofstadii (species)
Leptotrichia hongkongensis (species)
Leptotrichia shahii (species)
Leptotrichia sp. oral taxon 223 (species)
Leptotrichia sp. oral taxon 225 (species)
Leptotrichia sp. PG10 (species)
Leptotrichia sp. PTE15 (species)
Leptotrichia wadei (species)
Leuconostoc (genus)
Leuconostoc carnosum (species)
Leuconostoc fallax (species)
Leuconostoc gelidum (species)
Leuconostoc inhae (species)
Leuconostoc lactis (species)
Leuconostoc mesenteroides (species)
Leuconostoc miyukkimchii (species)
Leuconostoc pseudomesenteroides (species)
Leuconostoc sp. C7I4 (species)
Methylobacterium (genus)
Microbacterium (genus)
Microbacterium arborescens (species)
Microbacterium aurantiacum (species)
Microbacterium halophilum (species)
Microbacterium lacus (species)
Microbacterium profundi (species)
Microbacterium saperdae (species)
Microbacterium trichothecenolyticum (species)
Microbacterium xylanilyticum (species)
Microbacterium yannicii (species)
Moryella (genus)
Moryella indoligenes (species)
Oenococcus (genus)
Pediococcus (genus)
Pediococcus argentinicus (species)
Pediococcus pentosaceus (species)
Pediococcus siamensis (species)
Pediococcus sp. 3107O2 (species)
Pediococcus sp. MFC1 (species)
Rhizobium (genus)
Rhizobium leguminosarum (species)
Roseburia (genus)
Roseburia cecicola (species)
Roseburia faecis (species)
Roseburia hominis (species)
Roseburia intestinalis (species)
Roseburia inulinivorans (species)
Roseburia sp. 11SE38 (species)
Roseburia sp. 11SE39 (species)
Roseburia sp. 499 (species)
Roseburia sp. DJF_RR73 (species)
Rothia (genus)
Rothia aeria (species)
Rothia dentocariosa (species)
Rothia mucilaginosa (species)
Rothia sp. BBH4 (species)
Rothia sp. THG-N7 (species)
Rothia terrae (species)
Ruminococcus (genus)
Ruminococcus albus (species)
Ruminococcus bromii (genus)
Ruminococcus callidus (species)
Ruminococcus champanellensis (species)
Ruminococcus faecis (species)
Ruminococcus flavefaciens (species)
Ruminococcus gauvreauii (species)
Ruminococcus lactaris (genus)
Scardovia (genus)
Scardovia wiggsiae (species)
Selenomonas (genus)
Selenomonas artemidis (species)
Selenomonas bovis (species)
Selenomonas dianae (species)
Selenomonas flueggei (species)
Selenomonas genomosp. P5 (species)
Selenomonas infelix (species)
Selenomonas lacticifex (species)
Selenomonas noxia (species)
selenomonas ruminantium (species)
Selenomonas sp. oral taxon 137 (species)
Selenomonas sputigena (species)
Serratia (genus)
Serratia marcescens (species)
Streptococcus (genus)
Streptococcus agalactiae (species)
Streptococcus australis (species)
Streptococcus constellatus (species)
Streptococcus cristatus (species)
Streptococcus danieliae (species)
Streptococcus dentapri (species)
Streptococcus dentasini (species)
Streptococcus dentirousetti (species)
Streptococcus didelphis (species)
Streptococcus equinus (species)
Streptococcus gallolyticus (species)
Streptococcus gordonii (species)
Streptococcus hyointestinalis (species)
Streptococcus infantarius (species)
Streptococcus infantis (species)
Streptococcus iniae (species)
Streptococcus marimammalium (species)
Streptococcus massiliensis (species)
Streptococcus merionis (species)
Streptococcus mitis (species)
Streptococcus mutans (species)
Streptococcus oralis (species)
Streptococcus orisasini (species)
Streptococcus orisratti (species)
Streptococcus parasanguinis (species)
Streptococcus parauberis (species)
Streptococcus pasteurianus (species)
Streptococcus peroris (species)
Streptococcus pneumoniae (species)
Streptococcus pseudoporcinus (species)
Streptococcus rubneri (species)
Streptococcus rupicaprae (species)
Streptococcus salivarius (species)
Streptococcus sanguinis (species)
Streptococcus seminale (species)
Streptococcus sobrinus (species)
Streptococcus sp. 11aTha1 (species)
Streptococcus sp. 2011_Ileo_MS_A10 (species)
Streptococcus sp. 2011_Oral_MS_A3 (species)
Streptococcus sp. 3244O2 (species)
Streptococcus sp. BS35a (species)
Streptococcus sp. GMD6S (species)
Streptococcus sp. HPH0090 (species)
Streptococcus sp. oral taxon 071 (species)
Streptococcus sp. oral taxon G59 (species)
Streptococcus sp. oral taxon G63 (species)
Streptococcus sp. S16-11 (species)
Streptococcus suis (species)
Streptococcus thermophilus (species)
Streptococcus urinalis (species)
Streptococcus vestibularis (Species)
Subdoligranulum (genus)
Subdoligranulum variabile (species)
Tetragenococcus (genus)
Tetragenococcus koreensis (species)
Tetragenococcus muriaticus (species)
Tetragenococcus solitarius (species)
Turicibacter (genus)
Turicibacter sanguinis (species)
Vagococcus (genus)
Vagococcus entomophilus (species)
Vagococcus fluvialis (species)
Vagococcus lutrae (species)
Vagococcus salmoninarum (species)
Vagococcus teuberi (species)
Weissella (genus)