Reducing Lactic Acid Producing Bacteria – LABO

A new study in Nature “Elevated blood lactate in resting conditions correlate with post-exertional malaise severity in patients with Myalgic encephalomyelitis/Chronic fatigue syndrome” [2019] re-affirms many earlier studies. ME/CFS patients have increased level of lactate acid. One probable cause is LABO – Lactic Acid Bacterial Overgrowth, a possible variation of SIBO – Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.

ME/CFS starts with higher level of lactate acid and has a greater increase of lactate acid after activitiy.

I have written about this in prior posts:

I have also created a list of common probiotics that contain lactic acid producers. The list is here. These are probiotics that should be avoided.

NOTE: This is just one viable model. Another model is too few lactic acid consumers. Another model is acute and chronic hepatic insufficiency [1977]. If you have uploaded your microbiome, you can see your relative ranking for production (with a crude estimate for the amount)

In addition to the above, the microbiome prescription site site has a option to explicitly reduce the lactic acid producers in your microbiome.

A video of what I describe below

When you go to Advance Suggestions and click see Bacteria Selection Choices

You will find at the bottom of the page, a new section: the Lactic acid/Lactate producing bacteria reported in your sample where you have more than the median amount.

Note that I have no Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium in this list.

Back on the custom suggestion pages, I select this filter option, as shown below.

Then filter the modifiers and click for suggestions:

Bottom Line

This is all theoretical and focuses solely on reducing bacteria associated with lactic acid and lactate production. The suggestions should be reviewed by a medical professional before starting. It may potentially make other issues worst, so use caution and make sure you are being monitored.