Quick Images of a Reader’s Progress

This is largely a visual post — showing the results of a reader who has taken frequent ubiome sample, uploaded them and then started following the suggestions generally. It appears to confirm that the microbiome may be manipulated. Dates of samples

  • 3/11/2018 – first set of suggestions tried
  • 8/25/2018 –
  • 3/26/2019 – symptoms got bad enough that ‘coasting’ was no longer acceptable. Regular testing started.
  • 5/7/2019
  • 6/12/2019
The big picture
Anti-Inflammatory: Polyamine
Anti-inflammatory: Propionate
Anti-inflammatory: Butyrate
Akkermansia went very high, change brought it back down.
The metabolism is becoming more balance
Major improvement in often co-morbid conditions — BUT depression has gone up

Bottom Line

Correcting the microbiome is not a one step-dance or a direct root. This person had things drop to avoid and then re-appear as take on a later sample. The WHY charts are a nice visual representation of the known dependencies. For example, we need to reduce most of the bacteria slowing Bifidobacterium (as shown below)