Hold off on uBiome sampling

The reason is simple, the time to get a report is now indeterminate. Your results could be back in two weeks or two months.

July 11th,2019

I have three kits on the shelf for myself and was planning on doing my next sample this weekend. That is on hold.

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Why not do the sample anyway?

The microbiome is always changing and evolving. The shorter the time from the sample to the report to the changing supplements and diet, the better it is. By better, I mean a more accurate set of suggestions for your current microbiome.

But I need results NOW!

Then there are several alternatives that my site supports:

I have also emailed XenoGene, in Spain, about getting their report downloadable as JSON. No response yet.

If you go with other companies — ask for an example of their download as JSON or CSV before ordering the test. Then send it to me and I will see how easy it is to make uploadable. American/British Gut was a bit of a pain. Below is how many uploads from each at present:

As a FYI on cost: I usually buy the uBiome Three pack, apply discount codes, and average around $53 per test. Much cheaper than the two above.

Bottom Line

uBiome is in recovery mode. It was originally a citizen science startup that went commercial. Worst case scenario, some one will replace them.