Microbiome adjusters: Bounce Back Chair, Whole Body Vibration….

Some 4 years ago, I revisited a therapy advocated by Dr. Cheney back in 1998 in a post on the Bounce Back Chair. Today, a similar item crossed my email: “Whole Body Vibration-Induced Omental Macrophage Polarization and Fecal Microbiome Modification in a Murine Model” [2019]

The key aspect is that it results in modification of the microbiome.

 The db/db obese mice showed an increase in microbes in the genera Lactobacillus and Alistipes. The db/db type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) mice also showed an increase of microbes in the genus Alistipes. …. Alistipes increased by 17 times. 

Oh to be a mouse..

It is well known that many many studies dealing with mice do not replicate with humans. Some do. My take-away from the above is simple:

  • Vibration appear to help the microbiome,
  • The vibration may well trigger exercise like responses from the microbiome.

If we run with this hypothesis, then all of the following may be beneficial:

  • Walking in place or other light activity causing bounce
  • Skipping rope (if you still have coordination)
  • Rebounder Chair
  • Whole body vibrator
  • Massaging chair
  • Trampoline

From the study: 20 min/day for 7 days per week for 4 weeks 

Changes in blood glucose among trained normoglycemic adults during a mini-trampoline exercise session.[2016]