PreforPro® (phage) Literature Review

An old Microsoft work colleague also came down with an autoimmune condition and remedy it with the use of probiotics, story below. We had some good times together in London, Dublin etc. prior to autoimmune issues.

I have added his products to the list of probiotic mixture (and given two with the same rating — would definitely prefer his because he uses only strains cited in research studies).

One of his offerings, Gut Prep, I noticed included PreforPro with Bacillus subtilis (which is sweet, because unlike the more common Bacillus Coagulans, it is not a histamine producer). PreforPro is made by Deerland.

Biophages are virus that are extremely specific for certain bacteria. Almost all that are available in the U.S. are specific to Escherichia coli.

This specific combination was study in 2019, PHAGE Study: Effects of Supplemental Bacteriophage Intake on Inflammation and Gut Microbiota in Healthy Adults . This does not mean that’s its impact is only on E.Coli, because E.Coli helps or hinders other bacteria

This generally agrees with DataPunk’s summary

What they actually observed is below:

The study suffers from typical problems: Done on healthy individuals only; too small study sizes (as shown below from their supplemental material).

Placebo populations should NOT change readings significantly. They do

Bottom Line

If you suggestions include Bacillus probiotics or you have a conditions associated with Escherichia coli, I would suggest giving Gut Prep, a try.

Needless to say, DO NOT take with Mutaflor or SymbioFlor-2 probiotics.

I will be adding this to the AI engine database later this week.