Two Enhancements to Advance Suggestions

The first one is quiet and behind the scene. Ubiome reports E.Coli as it’s cousin Kluyvera (genus). I have updated the modifiers to apply E.Coli modifiers to Kluyvera (adding some 1300 more facts for the AI Engine to use). Most people will not see a change of suggestions due to this.

I have added in the ability to include common bacteria that you are missing into the analysis. This is on the advance page.

You can reduce it to as low as 70% (Not advised)

Use caution with this — the microbiome is a complex society. If you look at cities around the world you may find that 95% have homeless people. Trying to get homeless people for your town with no homeless people there — may not be the best path forward and have side-effects on your low crime rates.