Disease Template Time Lines

The human microbiome changes easily even when there is an illness. The bacteria associated with an illness are often from a collection of compatible bacteria — so you may have subset A this week and subset B next week.

To illustrate this, prior to the ME/CFS relapse, my blood pressure tended to be around 120/80. Having ME/CFS with all of the associated issues, makes BP a measure prone to wild fluctuations at time. See these earlier posts:

My recent visit to an urgent care has the physician concerned about high blood pressure. Usually, I have not been concerned about that because I have had a history of low BP with POTS. With the recent work on symptom templates (see this post), I wrote a time plot page to plot the pearson chi-square probability over time of each one of our many disease profiles.

I then looked at the blood pressure one for myself:

The bacteria shift and the now high BP are in agreement!

There is definitely some art in using this. The Criteria takes some playing with to see patterns (remember the studies indicate a change of average values, not extreme values … so 24% may be better than 6% for some conditions).

For those who missed the prior post that explains how these numbers are calculated, see this post with video.

At 6% the pattern is not as strong

What are we looking for?

We are looking a pattern that repeats pretty constantly over several samples taken a few weeks or months apart.

I have done a video rambling on this new feature.

A few more examples:

Bottom Line

This tool may be useful as you build up samples over time. Often one sample gets odd numbers and we have a spike with before and after samples showing a constant pattern.

If you are interested, consider investing in multiple samples. I usually use a discount code and get uBiome’s 3-pack for around $150 … that’s $50 per result (which is often what a good bottle of probiotics cost).