A thanks to Cap’t Dave

Back in 1999-2002 period, a chap called Dave Williams (Cap’n Dave) advocated some specific treatments to help CFS patients. He was active on the old Yahoo group that I was a co-moderator on, https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/CFSFMExperimental I ended up incorporating his suggestions into my treatment regimen then. He arranged bulk purchase of supplements (L-Glutamine, CoQ10, Spezzatina (Licorice) etc. and send them free to people that made donations to his ocean health charity (SeaQuake) at that time.

Like me, he ended up successfully treating himself and also has a Master of Science which tends to bring with it a systematic approach to this illness. He has moved on with his life, but I thought a shout out of thanks was due!

With all of the microbiome research, his suggestions are in good agreement (for a significant subset). Today the lists of issues to address will be much longer than his summary in 2000.

You fail to understand that NO SINGLE TREATMENT will ever get fantastic results when used on a PWC! The single therapy approach is doomed to failure because CFS is a multiple problem caused by many months or years of hyperimmunity! People that say they have sudden onset CFS simply do not realize that they were sick for along time and never recovered. The illness they associate with the start of their CFS was
simply the straw the broke the camel’s back. If you want to recover
from CFS you must address hyperimmunity, poor red cell health,
hypoadrenalism, hypothyroid, hypoglycemia, poor NK cell activity, and
multiple nutrient depletion. And, you must address all these factors
at the same time—otherwise your recovery will be limited.

Dave Williams, 2000

What was unknown (not possible to test even!) was the microbiome aspect which links many of these to specific microbiome shifts. So each shift needs to be addressed. Some examples:

So I raise a glass of Rum to old Cap’n Dave in thanks!