Some taxa now have Modifiers

These were determined by the “Friend-or-Foe” analysis. This was done by examining which pairs of bacteria increase or decrease with a strong relationship (correlation). If something like Walnuts causes my friends to increase, then it will likely cause me to increase as a side effect. If Melatonin causes my friends to decrease, then it will likely cause me to decrease.

A video showing how we get this data

These were generated only for taxa that had:

  • No direct citations
  • No direct citations for the parents (only done when there are no direct citations)
  • No direct citations for the descendents (only done when there are no direct citations)

In short, no information. The logic being used is simple, we infer only when we have no data. Only the top 10 influences are used.

In terms of displays:

Inferred will usually be the only item listed for those below

Items added

class Epsilonproteobacteria
class Lentisphaeria
class Methanobacteria
class Synergistia
family Eggerthellaceae
family Peptoniphilaceae
genus Finegoldia
genus Gelria
genus Gemella
genus Murdochiella
genus Peptoniphilus
no_rank Bacillales Family XI. Incertae Sedis
no_rank Bacillales incertae sedis
no_rank Chlamydiae/Verrucomicrobia group
order Acidaminococcales
order Bifidobacteriales
order Coriobacteriales
order Corynebacteriales
order Eggerthellales
order Fibrobacterales
order Flavobacteriales
order Fusobacteriales
order Propionibacteriales
order Synergistales
order Tissierellales
order Veillonellales
order Victivallales
species Actinomyces odontolyticus
species Finegoldia magna
species Murdochiella sp. S9 PR-10
species Peptoniphilus lacrimalis
species Peptoniphilus sp. 1-14
species Peptoniphilus sp. 2002-38328
species Peptoniphilus sp. gpac018A
species Varibaculum sp. CCUG 45114
subclass Actinobacteridae
suborder Actinomycineae
suborder Coriobacterineae