The CCI thing and ME/CFS

A reader has asked me about CCI because of this post on Facebook

CCI – Craniocervical instability – Read article on it too

Back to strict scientific method…

If I said, “ME/CFS – has blood diagnose, have not found a single patient whose does not have blood, not a single one” people would look at me a little strange. Why? Because it is known that everyone has blood.

What is needed is simple and needs some numbers done in a proper study:

  • Is this specific for CFS or common across many conditions?
    • What percentage of people without CFS has CCI
    • What percentage of people with IBS but without CFS has CCI
    • What percentage of people with FM but without CFS has CCI
    • What percentage of people with Alzheimer’s have CCI
    • What percentage of people with Physical Brain Trauma have CCI
  • What percentage of people is recommended treatment 100% effective for?
    • Spontaneous remission is well know in ME/CFS with people assigning their last attempt to be the cause. It’s typical human association

Reading the up to date, with extensive documentation on ME-Pedia article on CCI I am left with the impression that it will be found in many patients and that this would be implied by the name of ME which means myalgic encephalomyelitis. Encephalomyelitis is inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. This was the original name and accurately describes typical findings of MRI and SPECT scans (see this post). ”

Inflammation causes compression…

My take is that the inflammation is primarily caused by metabolites from the microbiome. I say primarily, because parts of the brain may react to those metabolites and proceed to dump other signalling chemicals/metabolites into the body. A feedback loop. A feedback loop with a viable simple point of interruption — the gut microbiome.

Bottom Line

Remission from CCI is theoretically possible and has probably happens. Some chiropractors will likely claim that appropriate adjustment may be sufficient. A surgery impacts the spinal cord and may easily interrupt some feedback mechanisms. Below is the results of people who have had CCI
Published 2019,

The problem is that there is not a single multi-patients study on ME/CFS patients have been published on it. Looking at the multi-patient study with five years of follow up, show above- yes! It can result in improvement: totally expected because of its impact on the inflammation of the spinal cord. As a universal (or even common) method to full remission — the evidence does not support it.