An ideal FMT Donor scenario for ME/CFS

A reader pointed me to this blog, He did a DYI FMT transplant using a donation from his daughter [post] and obtained remission.

” For many of you visiting this site, you may have wondered why I picked my daughter as the donor for Fecal Microbiota Transplant.   “


I say kudos because this is a very ideal choice of donor! (on the matter of DYI Fmt, I choose, for legal reasons, to keep mute). The whys are simple:

  • As close to the same DNA as possible (50%)
  • Same diet (which means that the bacteria mix has already been tuned to the diet)
  • A son could technically be better (since gender is a factor for the microbiome)
  • Same longitude (which is a factor)
  • Younger microbiome — which usually means stronger and more robust. The microbiome “has not slipped into old age”

Bottom Line

I am not advocating people to volunteer to change diapers of their kids and grandkids to get material for DYI FMT. I am advocating, if you have kids (if you do not have kids, if a sibling has children those are better candidates than a random person IMHO), and have a MD willing to go down the FMT path, to advocate for those people as donors, instead of doing the DYI approach on this site.

The following paper gives some background on FMT. There is still disagreement whether family members give better results ( I suspect those studies were done on siblings and not descendents).