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This is the protocol that was responsible for one of my remissions. My current belief is that what she termed “occult rickettsia infection” is “post-infection stable microbiome dysfunction”. Regardless, the treatment works in a high ( > 75%) of ME/CFS patients. The treatment was evolved prior to the microbiome entering research, using real patients over many years at the Pasteur Institute for Tropical Medicine.

A disease called fatigue by [Jadin, Cecile]

Objective: To demonstrate the probable role of intracellular bacteria like Rickettsiae and Chlamydiae in the development of certain chronic psychopathological conditions and according to the efficiency of antibiotic regimes (minocyclines and/or macrolides). The letter aim is based on the fact that all the patients that I have seen since 1981 had a sera reaction positive for Rickettsiae and/or Chlamydiae using the micro-agglutination on blade technique of P. Giroud and M.L. Giroud (MAG) by Prof. J.B. Jadin of Antwerp, Belgium with special antigens cultured on guinea pig lungs and chicken embryos. Methods: This is an open study which began in 1981 in a private medical practice, not versus placebo; but with random choice. Treatment was for a minimum of six months (minocyclines and/or macrolides together with vasodilatory medication; chloroquine; warm baths). Group one: 98 CFS cases; women: 78, men: 20; for 67 cases, the ancientness of symptoms is more than 2 years. Group two: 59 psycho-somatic cases; 5 schizophrenia; 3 borderline; 10 children with aggressivity, excitement; 1 autistic child; 1 delirium with relapses. Results: Group one: 79.5% good and very good results; 4.1% fairly good; 16.4% failed. Group two: 82.3% good and very good results; 2.5% fairly good; 15.2% failed. Conclusion: This diagnostic and therapeutic study began in 1981. All of the Dr. Bottero’s therapeutic results are confirmed since 1991 by Dr. Cecile Jadin of Randburg (South Africa) for more than 3000 CFS and other psychopathological states (300): Sydney 98 CFS Conference, Australia. We have shown that Rickettsiae and Chlamydiae are probably causative factors in many “psychopathologies.”

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