ME/CFS Corvid-19 Death Rate: 4.5%

In short, ME/CFS patients are older. Corvid-19 kills older people more often (over 20% in some age ranges). This computes the risk over all ages with ME/CFS. ME/CFS is not causing this high rate, patient ages are.

For reference, Flu Death Rate from CDC for 2018-2019: (=34,157/35,520,883) or 0.0962%. So the risk of death is 46.8x more

This is based on the following studies:

The methodology was to obtain the incidence rates for CFS/ME for items like:

Then obtain the ages and numbers in each age bracket with ME/CFS and then apply the following:

Note that even for the youngest are group, the chance of death is 2x the 2018-19 risk for flu.

As of this morning, there is a very strong statistical model saying that it will go pandemic with every country severely infected. By April 1st, there may be more cases outside of China than in China.