Hemex’s ISAC Panel for ME/CFS is available

Hemex was subsequently purchased and David Berg’s ISAC panel was subsequently dropped. His studies found that over 70% of CFS/ME patients have hypercoagulation which was often a major factor for symptoms and for successful treatment.

A reader surprised me this week because a German lab had worked with David Berg and implemented the ISAC panel — and continue to offer it.

Dedimed Lyme Disease Laboratory

Antibiotic therapy and no recognizable improvement in symptoms?

In more than 60% of all bacterial infectious diseases, the pathogens form biofilms, which protect them from attack by the immune system. The hematologist D. Berg has developed the “ISAC” protocol to recognize a biofilm. (ISAC: Immune System Activation of Coagulation). When a biofilm is detected, he recommends the use of lumbrokinase for removal. The new formation of a biofilm during the therapy is prevented eg. by low molecular weight heparin. The Dedimed Europarc Laboratory carries out the biofilm testing, which we recommend before any lengthy antibiosis.

For more information see this talk with David Berg (#4) and a radio program with him.

The reader reported:

I talked to Dr. Waldherr for 45 minutes he is unbelievable good informed about almost everything and he said to me, that he and his colleagues reached up to Dr. Berg to finde out how to perform the tests. 
The actual test is done in Berlin from Dr. Sucker and the treatment is then given low molecule Heparin etc. he also knows all the enzymes used like Nattokinase, Lumbrokinase etc. he also speaks English which is also a good thing if people don’t speak german. 

The cost is much less than what I paid in 1999!

An example of my family’s labs from 2000. Note the large number of items tested and it only takes one to cause problems.