Fibromyalgia lacks strong microbiome profile

I’ve just added Fibromyalgia to the website’s Special Summaries. Both published studies and citizen science fail to find any strong patterns. Today (remember the site is constantly being updated with new studies), we see the following summary. Obtaining only two bacteria from citizen science seems to make a strong statement that while the microbiome may be a contributing factor, it is unlikely to be causal.

I tend to favor the root cause being tissue hypoxia with the tissue generating pain from a lack of oxygen.

There may be multiple causes. One possible is coagulation products. Items like serrapetase, nattokinase and lumbrokinase may help. I could not locate any studies using these for FM.


This list modifiers reported for specific conditions with links to studies.

Some of the items listed as improving may have inconsistent results from studies. It is recommended that the studies cited be review before considering any change.

bifidobacterium bifidum (probiotics)Improves/Treats1
CoQ 10Improves/Treats2
fish oilImproves/Treats1
green teaImproves/Treats1
lactobacillus acidophilus (probiotics)Improves/Treats1
lactobacillus casei (probiotics)Improves/Treats1
lactobacillus rhamnosus gg (probiotics)Improves/Treats1
low-pressure hyperbaric oxygenImproves/Treats1
magnesiumCan cause/Worsen1
melatonin supplementImproves/Treats1
mirtazapine (prescription)Improves/Treats3
Staphylococcus vaccineImproves/Treats1
trazodone hydrochloride (prescription)Improves/Treats2
vitamin dImproves/Treats4

Bacteria shifts from Pub Studies

ObservedBacteria NameRankDocumentation
High Levels[Clostridium] scindensspeciesCitation
High LevelsAlistipesgenusCitation
High LevelsAlistipes onderdonkiispeciesCitation
High LevelsBlautia hydrogenotrophicaspeciesCitation
High LevelsButyricicoccusgenusCitation
High LevelsDoreagenusCitation
High LevelsEisenbergiella tayispeciesCitation
High LevelsErysipelatoclostridium ramosumspeciesCitation
High LevelsFlavonifractor plautiispeciesCitation
High LevelsHungatella hathewayispeciesCitation
High LevelsIntestinimonas butyriciproducensspeciesCitation
High LevelsParabacteroides merdaespeciesCitation
High LevelsRoseburiagenusCitation
Low LevelsBacteroidesgenusCitation
Low LevelsBacteroides uniformisspeciesCitation
Low LevelsBifidobacteriumgenusCitation
Low LevelsBlautia faecisspeciesCitation
Low LevelsClostridiumgenusCitation
Low LevelsEubacteriumgenusCitation
Low LevelsFaecalibacterium prausnitziispeciesCitation
Low LevelsHaemophilus parainfluenzaespeciesCitation
Low LevelsLachnospiraceaefamilyCitation
Low LevelsLactobacillusgenusCitation
Low LevelsPrevotella coprispeciesCitation
Low LevelsRuminococcaceaefamilyCitation

Bacteria shifts from Citizen Science

This is based on the machine learning implemented on this site. Unpublished results.

ObservedBacteria NameRankRelative Strength
High LevelsBacteroides uniformisspecies6
High LevelsLactobacillaceaefamily2